Saturday, August 23, 2008

Good News, Everyone!


SuiginChou said...

I was actually very disappointed. Bayh was the obvious choice if Obama wanted to convince his critics and the swing-voters that he is the Change candidate. Biden = Kerry = Daschle = Democrats who aren't exactly as hated as Clinton and Liebermann but who are still part of the Old Circle. Evan Bayh is young, charismatic, and a true beacon of Moderatism -- as a self-proclaimed Democrat from a famously-conservative state. (The same could have been said for Obama selecting a former Republican from a more liberal state.)

Delaware's not exactly what I'd call "moderate" and being a Democrat from Delaware colors Biden incredibly blue in the public eye. But it could be worse: he could have been from New Hampshire, which is what I had originally thought he was. THAT would have sent a wonderful message to the more conservative swingvoters! (sarcasm)

Jay said...

He'll probably deliver PA. Plus he's super cool. I wrote a letter to him a year ago and he wrote back...or at least, his office sent me something with his signature.

Anyway, he used to be on Hardball and a lot of those political shows and I was always impressed by his knowledge, experience and candor. I think he's the best pick for Obama.

My brother texted me at work and told me Bayh had won and I was so disappointed. (I know next to nothing about him, though) I was very happy to get home and find Biden on tv.

Obama/Biden '09!

fulleju said...

Bayh would have been an unbalanced choice. He is too young, moderate and dispassionate to affect concerns about Obama's appearance of inexperience in the undecided voter's eyes. The Obama campaign needs fire and more mettle, a loud mouth that can actually intimidate McCain. Biden was a very wise and pragmatic decision, imo. He humbles Obama's campaign. Biden will deliver PA and OH (at least the half of Ohio from Columbus on north)--the blue-collar catholics and die hard Hillaryites. Let's hope it will be enough.

Obama/Biden '09!!

Mike said...

Ryan - Obama needed Biden to couteract the "he's inexperienced" argument from the McCain camp.