Tuesday, August 26, 2008

lol wtf

Looks like Orangina is trying to corner the lucrative Furry market.


Lou said...

There are no words to describe how creepy that was...thanks for giving me nightmares!

SuiginChou said...

I don't know that that's furry so much as plain ol' bestiality. Furries would want their pornstars to at least resemble humans somewhat facially (think Minerva Mink as a famous Western example), whereas these are anthropomorphic furry bodies with 100% animal heads transplanted on.

The "head transplantation" aspect to this commercial has the same fucked-up feeling to it that the Koopas did in the Super Mario Bros. movie -- that is, how the Koopas looked like they had human bodies with scrawny pterodactyl heads plunked on. It looked unnatural and made me very uncomfortable as a kid.

Another pop culture reference that comes to mind is a similarly human-bodied pterodactylian-headed doll in Sid's bedroom in Toy Story.

Lou's reply gave me the courage to go beyond the horny bear scampering over to the deer on the swing, but I only got as far this time as the octopus serving girl and the flamingo pole dancer before I had to shut it down.

Genesis8 said...

That made me sick and I don't want to drink that drink.