Friday, August 29, 2008

Web Design 101 Section 666

Argh. I'm just about ready to throw my hands up in defeat! My limited knowledge of CSS and HTML is bumping up against the few blogspot templates available to me. Last night, I accidentally clicked SAVE TEMPLATE while I was previewing new looks, so now the old Depth Deception is effectively gone. I must say, I like the lightness of this new design, but formating the gifs that make the rounded edges for the header and footer is just not coming together. On top of that, it seems I'm using the exact same template as my cousin. I'd rather appear somewhat original, at least to my more frequent readers.

More and more, I think I'd like to scrap everything, pay the money for a domain name and hosting, and have someone design me a fresh, simple website that can act both as an online portfolio as well as a blog. Unfortunately, I'm also very cheap and not keen on paying the money to get me that eye-popping website. So I guess I'll just continue to stare enviously at those with more talent.

Joe Davis (hat tip to my cousin)

Justin Harter

Matt Agnello


SuiginChou said...

I think the new look is better, but that's mostly because the font appears much smaller than before. (That may be because of you, or it may be that I'm using IE 7 at Purdue instead of Firefox 3 at home.)

fulleju said...

I like the new look too...obviously. Maybe it'd just be easier for me to change my own template instead of you changing yours. lol.

SuiginChou said...

Well, to be honest, the color scheme is starting to make me feel ... hard to put into words, but by example it makes me think of the 1950s. I don't know why. Maybe this color of green was popular in the 1950s or something. I dunno. It just ... it doesn't feel very Jay. For some reason, I feel convinced that this color scheme suits either:
a) a stereotypical 1950s do-it-all mom, or
b) a stereotypical 1950s secretary, or (and this is the weirdest one of all)
c) a stereotypical 1950s-1970s hospital nurse

Can't explain it. It's very probably a personal psychological association, but I thought I'd just throw this out there.

Oh yeah,
d) the green color reminds me of old-fashioned house paint or (specifically) bathroom wall paint or (alternatively) old-fashioned tiled floors.

And for some reason,
e) I keep thinking of IRONS. No idea why. No iron nor ironing board I've ever known has been this color. (The irons steel, white, or black; and the boards white or pale pale blue.)

fulleju said...

hospital wall color circa 1963...

you should get a cool fractal background or something. and yes, i used the words "cool" and "fractal" in the same sentence.