Monday, August 11, 2008

Official Olympic Athlete Inspector

My goodness! To escape some of the morbidity of that last post, here's a picture of Dubya enjoying his time at the Olympics.


SuiginChou said...

The camera frequently showing Bush in the stands is ruining the Olympics for me. I'm hoping a lot of America's whiniest agree with me -- 'cause I'm counting on them to call NBC and exact some sort of change! Maybe the camera can show him once every, oh I dunno, never again until the closing ceremony?

What's especially sobering about seeing Bush at the Olympics is that he's clearly enjoying it as a laid-back tourist and not as a foreign ambassador or world leader. Whenever I see him on camera, I'm struck by how much his expression tells the world that he sees this all of this as one last big Presidential vacation before he's outta office. It's as though we were watching somebody else's grandma and grandpa on television when Grandpa had finally retired from his job of 33 years with Bank of America and decided to take a trip to Nassau or Rome.

It could be worse: the camera could be showing Obama or McCain in those stands.

Grrrrrr. Olympics = fun watching the world's best athletes do crazy-ass things with their bodies, not watching the world's leaders make dopey grins while even dopier sports commentators incessantly report each athlete's life story.

Daniel said...

Yeahhhhh, apologiiiizzzzzze.