Thursday, February 19, 2009

Club Nintendo Taxes

I've just spent the last hour registering my Nintendo products to earn "coins" and Gold status (300+ coins) at Club Nintendo of America. The coins can be exchanged for small prizes, like a collection of Game and Watch games for the Nintendo DS or a pack of Hanafuda cards. Watching your coins pile up is actually kind of addicting. It got me thinking.

Tax season is upon us. Wouldn't it be awesome if the government hired a game company to design an online interface for preparing and paying taxes? Certain small bonuses or tax deductions could be handed out to those who complete the tax "game" first. There could be a reward system, like Nintendo's coin system, and stupid crap prizes that nevertheless entice citizens to get their tax forms filled out quickly and accurately.

As it stands, I look at my W2s and my tax return forms and I know I stand to get some money back, but it's all so dull and dreary that I keep pushing it off.


Mike said...

I'll do your taxes for $10.

Jay said...

that is tempting...