Friday, February 27, 2009

Japan Makes a Mockery of my Childhood

I will not soon forgive this.


SuiginChou said...

The Super Turtles' faces remind me of the Dark Knight.

lol @ how Japan's children's television is unable to escape the Sentai formula whereby the heroes power up, but then the villains do, so then the heroes do, so then the villains do, so then the heroes do ... It's like a never-ending version of that game you'd play as a child where you put your hand on top of your friend's, and a 3rd friend puts his on top of yours, and 4th friend puts his on top of yours, until the original friend decides "Oh yeah? Well how about MY SECOND HAND for the 5th? >D" and then you decide the same for the 6th, etc, and you eventually start fighting to have your hand on top of a fluttering airborne "pile" of hands.

Finally, much more famous (so you're probably already familiar with it), but PPGZ is the same thing only for the PowerPuff Girls.

I actually love the song Kibou no Kakera. :p

Back to the Turtles. I think it's funny that Shredder's basic form looks less like a human than the Turtles' Super form. And while even Rocksteady remains a rhinoceros -- a green reptilian rhino, but still a rhino! -- Shredder becomes a metallic dragon which bears a striking resemblance to the Winged Dragon of Ra:

Jay said...

Yeah I've seen that before. Actually, I think it looks pretty cool and, since the original was sort of a loosely western spin on eastern super-hero archetypes, I think an eastern re-imagining is appropriate for the Power Puff Girls. This TMNT re-imagining, on the other hand, looks like a joke --seriously, it looks like a spoof on TMNT and anime.

SuiginChou said...

It really does, doesn't it?

Genesis8 said...

Yeah this is crazy. It does look like just one big joke.