Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"Islam is the Light" and Other Infantile Babbling

Prepare yourself for a full onslaught of dumb:

It's fairly obvious that this audio clip, which sounds kind of like, "Islam is the light," is actually baby babbling from a cheap, one-time royalty fee sound collection. I worked with these kind of sound effects libraries in college. Why else would a baby toy and a shovelware Nintendo DS game have the exact same sound clip? The mother's Islamophobia has skewed her interpretation of an otherwise random audio recording in much the same way ghost hunters hear voices in static EVPs. This sort of auditory pareidolia is common.

But the idiocy of this utter lack of investigative reporting is not the worst of it. Implicit in this entire news segment is the notion that, somehow, a phrase like "Islam is the light" in a children's toy is inherently indecent and dangerous. Now, I'm not sure I entirely disagree, but any Muslim would be rightfully insulted.

Why am I not surprised that this newscast is from Indiana?


SuiginChou said...

"Back home again in Indiana, and it seems that I can see th'Islamic candlelight still shining bright through the children's toys for me ..."

I have a feeling that if this guy were to actually visit our godforsaken state, he'd take down his video. And you wouldn't believe how hard it was to find a semi-decent oral performance of this song for folks who don't know the lyrics! @_@ But here's one that beats Gomer Pyle's and random choral groups' performances.

Anyway, as for the main story, yeah, I feel that Penny Arcade's comic was a little over-the-top (I would have expected that sort of psychodelic and unintelligent crap from VG Cats, not P-A!), but they're right to protest this story. People have got to quit looking for signs that aren't there and starting calling spades spades once again. I'm tired of all this White Album hysteria.

Mike said...

That looks like the worst game ever.