Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Best Party Ever, So Far

SNL could not do better. I seriously thought this video was fake. The comedic timing is too brilliant! Appears to be the real deal, though.

His glasses are famous.


SuiginChou said...

I think he actually made a few fair points when he basically told her (in his idiot-speech), "You ask me to take responsibility for my actions, but what you're really asking me to do it is to take responsibility for others' actions. They frightened the neighbors; they damaged the police vehicles; I did everything the police asked me to do; and yet you insist on labeling me as the primary transgressor. Yeah, I threw a party and it got out of control -- and I'm sorry for that. But I don't see why I should be held responsible for the $20,000 damage that I didn't cause. That would be like saying that if I were to throw a party, and you were to get intoxicated there, and then -- without my blessing -- you left the party, hopped into your car, and crashed into someone's home that I should be the one footed with the bill. That's bogus. That's beyond real. Completely unfair. Yet that's exactly what you're doing to me, right now."

Not trying to defend him too much, but I think the reporter was being a bit unprofessional and accusative herself.