Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Super Smash Bros Brawl has been pushed back to March 9th, 2008. ::sniffle::


SuiginChou said...

You're more upset than I am, I'm sure, but it upsets me quite a bit too ... 'cause February 11 was the day before my birthday! I was looking forward to getting SSBB either as a birthday present or a purchase the week following my birthday. Now I'll have to wait till March 9.

The good news (for me)? March 9 is the Saturday before our week off school for spring break at Purdue. So (relative to college students) this is like the perfect time. For you, this is bad news, because not only are you out of college already, but this means you'll have to compete with all the college kids buying it just with that very intention in mind of playing SSBB over the week-long vacation. Whereas normally your competition might have been just with the diehard gamers and the high school kids.

Oh well. March 9, huh? Hopefully this'll be the last delay.

Daniel said...

How's the job hunt going?

Jay Fuller said...

I've got a conference call with Insomniac Games this Thursday for a blogging position (Oh I hope I get it) and I'm waiting to hear back from Disney about possibly going to LA to pitch a show.

Daniel said...

Wow that sounds like awesome stuff in the works. Not to jinx it, but way to go!