Thursday, January 3, 2008

Li'l Miss Priss

Someone at some point not too long ago gave me the impression that the use of "Miss" or "Ms." is a modern, maybe even feminist, invention and I should feel embarrassed for using it. Ever since, I've approached the title with slight trepidation, but I've finally taken the time to look into it.

Wiki entry

I'm probably to blame for taking some off-handed comment about "Ms." usage and blowing it out of proportion, but wherever I got this kooky idea, I was clearly mistaken. Not only that, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized the argument was complete baloney! Even if the term is a modern, feminist invention, which it isn't, that doesn't mean I should feel embarrassed for using it. Should I also feel embarrassed for using modern terms like "micro-chip" and "memetics"? No.


In other news, I had a blast today. Thanks to all my friends who stopped by for some old and new school gaming. Let's do it again sometime!


Tracy Lightfoot said...

This is actually a discussion with which I'm familiar - when working at Yew Dell Gardens (a lovely non-profit botanical garden), we had to be very careful in using titles when addressing our donors. Essentially, the donors thought if we couldn't get their title and such right, we really didn't care enough about them personally to deserve their money. It was quite a hassle. Our board and staff essentially memorized the marital history of our hundreds of donors to get it right.

The headache that ensues from this is why only the NYT seems to still use titles in the news.

Having spent too many years at newspapers, I too try to avoid using titles whenever possible. When I mail things, I usually just leave them out.

When speaking to people, same thing - just avoid them so you can mess them up. Addressing people, I use ma'am or miss, and sir.

But, I did not know Ms. was considered proper for married women who kept their maiden name.

que rediculo! said...

i usually just say, "hey woman! get in the kitchen and bake me some pie!" and then i get smacked.