Friday, January 4, 2008

Calling All Listeners!

If I were to enter any one of my music tracks into a contest, which track do you think would have the best shot at winning? If you respond, please include 2 answers: 1) your personal favorite track and 2) the track you think has the best shot. (Feel free to use the same track for both answers)

I probably won't be entering into this competition for another week, so there's still time to consider. Thanks for any and all help!


SuiginChou said...

"Philip Glass Eats a Mysterious Loaf of Bread" is one I really enjoy, although I'm not sure if the 60 seconds it takes to get to the first real change in the song is too long for some judges to tolerate or not. It also feels incomplete that, at 1:30, it essentially returns to that original monotonous (THOUGH HAUNTINGLY AWESOME! :D) melody and ends with it, as if the 1:00 to 1:30 interval were a brief dream in an otherwise black-and-white life.

"Dante's Inferno Part III: Dark King Revealed," particularly when unaccompanied by Parts I and II, is replete with (a) cool-sounding music and (b) a lot of original and different-sounding music. That one little song does so much!

"Final Battle", if this is a video game contest with people horny for Final Fantasy-sounding music, would be a good consideration.

That's three titles, I know.