Thursday, October 30, 2008


Infectious Mononucleosis has struck the Fuller household! More specifically, it has struck my sister. At first I was all, "Hey, maybe I can get it and have an excuse to stop working!"

Then I saw my poor sister's suffering and I was all:

Get well soon, Lauren!

In other news, Sam celebrated his 16th Birthday today (technically yesterday). Happy birthday!


SuiginChou said...

The funny thing about the so-called "Kissing Disease" is, they say 90% of people get it during childhood and it's only the last 10% of people who avoided catching it early who then come down with it in their high school and college years, with high school being associated with kissing whereas college is associated with mingling with a large population of people from all walks of life.

But you definitely don't want to play Russian Roulette on this one and drink from Lauren's cup just to see if you've already gotten EBV as a kid or not -- because while the risk is relatively low, there are some people who develop myelogenous cancers from EBV since the virus does target B lymphocytes and cause them to go apeshit crazy. You can read about some of that on this hit I got on Google: