Friday, October 24, 2008

I'm So Vain I Probably Think This Blog is About Me

I recently found out that someone at work has a crush on me. That makes the fourth instance in my life that I know someone has had a crush on me. I'd say I've seen signs of 3 or 4 other crushes, but in those cases, I'm not sure. And as far as infatuations are concerned, maybe just one, maybe none. I'd also say a few friends have had man-crushes on me, but now I just sound like an ego-maniac.

For my own part, I've had about 5 crushes and 1 infatuation in my entire lifetime.

I've never been good a managing my own crushes, and particularly, those with crushes on me. I just don't seem to attract the people that I find most attractive. Oh well. I guess life could be a lot worse than complaining about the people who like you.


SuiginChou said...

I've only had a few instances in my life where I've known a girl to have a crush on me (and zero instances with guys), but most of those have been both recent and with girls who I was really incompatible with. One was (and it's not just me, but well-agreed upon by all of her friends) pretty damn ugly in the face, and she was also very incompatible with me in terms of life-style. Another girl had a similar life-style to mine (insofar as diet, sedentary, indoors, etc) but she didn't have share any interests in common and was a dedicated Catholic Republican who thought her one Hell-worthy sin was her advocacy for morning-after pills in rape victims. The point is, it's always girls with whom I'm incompatible, and it makes me wonder what they see in me because usually when I get a crush on an incompatible woman it's because I'm crushing over her looks and cheery personality and not because she's my lifestyle soulmate.

SuiginChou said...

I should have mentioned before hitting submit, but I do have my theory for the case of the Catholic conservative girl and that was the whole "attracted to naughty boys" thing. Even though I'm not naughty O_o , but to her obviously a fetus-aborting atheist multicultural nerd would be. Sort of like "opposites attract" but not exactly since there was no mutual affection on this side of the equation.

fulleju said...

hit that shit!

UmmeAaiman said...

ur certainly not alone in complaining about this....... LOL!