Friday, October 31, 2008


SuiginChou said...

"I love monsters a go go"???? I don't get it.

Also, meh.

Also, October 31, Jay! Not April 1!

Also, if you post pornography on Blogger, they can get pretty pissy about it and require you to convert to an Adult Content site whether you want to or not. I think. Maybe. All I know is that all the sites I've ever seen with adult content have had to go from no annoying message to (sample) what you see here.

Also, okay, not meh, it's bugging me >_< , you win. lol

Jay said...

whoa...what? Has a trick been played on me?

Jay said...

LOL what a good trick! I got played. I'll show you what it looked like to me.

Jay said...

Just for posterity: I hotlinked what seemed like a very mundane "Happy Halloween" picture. And that's what it looked like to me. Everyone else, however, saw an image of anal sex. I was away at work all day, so I didn't discover the chicanery until very late.

And I laughed very hard.