Friday, December 14, 2007

Back Off Man, I'm a Scientist!

- yes! - the Wii remote's a Proton Pack. We've gone hands-on, and it's ace: move with the analogue stick, aim with the Wii pointer, then press Z and - bssszzhhmm! - 500,000Mhz of particle accelerator beam arcs across the room, frazzling ghosts and furniture. When the beam turns blue, you can slam a trapped Slimer against the walls, Eledees-style. And, yep, you do push the Nunchuk forward to slide a Ghost Trap under a spook before guiding him in with the Remote, 'tugging' him toward you a stubborn fish. It really is Ghostbusters.

Oh why does it have to be a whole year away? I want it now!!! (article)


SuiginChou said...

The graphics look crappy. The gameplay sounds awesome. Gotta be a Wii game. ;)

If this game delivers on even half of what the article you linked says the devs promise, it'll be the game of the year for all of us '80s children. Easily. If we can accurately (note: NOT LIKE RED STEEL! >_<) aim and zap ghosts with the Wiimote, that's half the battle; if we can easily throw and release the ghost traps with the nunchuk, that's the other half. I mean, the game could be nothing else but catch and release and it'd be fun as hell. The fact that it's going to involve all of the famous ghosts and then some from the first two films is just icing on an already savory cake.

December 2008? Hell, I say let 'em have till Summer 2009 if they need it. Let them make this game that not only has great gameplay but a great story (c'mon, Aykroyd -- you can do better than Ghostbusters Go to Hell! >_<). If it has both, it'll be a game I'll be playing for years, so I'm in no particular rush. To be honest, next December sounds frighteningly soon because it means "the point of no return" for major engine, stage, and plot crafting is just around the corner. :\ And I think they (frankly) sprang this on the fan community too soon -- they need all the time they can get to both listen to and incorporate the best of fan feedback.