Thursday, December 27, 2007

Trekking Through a Dreamscape

I dreamt I was at a big, beautiful bookstore in Seattle with my uncle and his family. I was sitting in a chair and noticed Christopher Hitchens was sitting in a chair across from me. He struck up a conversation with me, which my uncle joined. Soon, a small crowd dressed in winter clothing was sitting and conversing. I thought, "Wow, this is neat, look how these people just freely and openly engage in cordial debate." But I also noticed everyone was being underhandedly rude to Hitchens. Before long, Hichens had left and I decided to follow. I watched as Hitchens climbed a huge hill outside the store and disappeared.

My uncle and his family joined me just as a small avalanche came sliding down the hill. My uncle told me to brace myself and reassured me that these avalanches were a frequent but minor annoyance. He said the best way to meet them was to tumble along with the snow. But I was pigheaded and decided to stand firm. The avalanche pushed me back a few feet and buried my ankles, but I remained standing. I was proud and my uncle seemed impressed. However, a second avalanche sent me tumbling.

By now, everyone was getting a bit worried, especially for the safety of my young cousin. My Aunt got the bright idea to climb up a precarious hill untouched by snow. My uncle and I followed as we steadied my young cousin. We finally made it to the top and found a warmer, greener area. A man threw a Frisbee to an excited weimaraner dog, which interested me greatly. Then, with a burst of awareness, I awoke from the scene.

UPDATE: Kinda creepy...Seattle, literacy...bookstore, Seattle...


SuiginChou said...

I always love dreams that are completely mistakable for reality despite the oddity of the characters or places we find ourselves in.

Except when they're nightmares, of course. >_> Because then you feel like you're living a nightmare, and aren't aware that it is, in fact, just a nightmare and not real.

que rediculo! said...

do you think dreams have meanings? or what?

Jay Fuller said...

I remember reading something in psychology that suggested dreams may be the brain's way of organizing and increasing efficiency, sort of like defragmenting in computers. We have to be careful about brain as computer analogies, but I've always found the idea attractive. I guess in that sense, I think dreams are meaningless, but not purposeless.

Just before I fell asleep, I wrote an email to my uncle, I've been watching many Hitchens clips these last few weeks, I've been considering the possibility of living in Seattle, and it's wintery. This dream could have been an expression, even a defragmentation, of these thoughts.

que rediculo! said...

i have a mac