Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Well, I've shifted. My vote is so far going to Obama. I mean come on, look at those chiseled good looks? But more importantly:

* He was right about the Iraq war
* He's been right about Iran
* He'd send a positive message to our allies and enemies
* Couldn't possibly be worse than GW
* He'd disrupt the Clinton-Bush monarchy


SuiginChou said...

How has he been "right" about Iran? Not being facetious -- I want to actually know what the contention made was (as I'd say there are a LOT of contentions going on about Iran these days!), and how he was right where others were wrong.

Jay Fuller said...

"right" in his oratory about aggressively pursuing diplomacy and in not voting on the move to declare Iran's National guard a terrorist organization. Comparatively speaking, Clinton has been worryingly hawkish.

que rediculo! said...

if only kucinich wasn't so gosh darned crazy....yeah, i think i'm gonna jump on the obama band wagon with ya. i base my decision on two factors: who is the most electable/sane?

Tracy Lightfoot said...

I think Obama talks a lot of pretty rhetoric, but I have yet to hear him give any kind of concrete answers. While I like the happy utopian picture he paints, I'm a little worried it's all just one big pretty speech.

I'm throwing in with Edwards.

Daniel said...

I just watched this tremendous documentary on the presidential run of McGovern in '72 called One Bright Shining Moment. Anyone with a netflix account should go watch it.

Anyway, I think I'm through with voting. In the words of Frank Constanza, "They don't want me, I don't want them!"

Who did you switch from, Jay?