Saturday, December 22, 2007

Beat to the Punch

I was considering writing up an idea I've been thinking about for a new video game control mechanism. I had an inkling that someone somewhere out there had probably already conceived and implemented this idea. Well, here it is almost exactly as I imagined it:

Actually, my design would entail suspending the glove and necessary motors in an opaque box. Gamers simply insert one hand devoted to tactile response and aim, while manipulating movement in 3d space with a joystick in the other hand, ala the Wii's nunchuck unit. I even had a snazzy name picked out for the device: "The Portal"

Imagine the immersion of reaching into a box and watching and feeling a virtual hand manipulate a virtual world. You could actually pick up a weapon, feel its weight, and fire! You could push buttons on a non-existent keyboard! Too cool.


SuiginChou said...

You're not beaten at all, although if you think you are beaten by this, then you probably never stood a chance. "We demand full immersion!" gamers like me won't be content with what amounts to a clamp squeezing the hand into different contortions based on what the in-game hand is doing; we want to feel video game liquids, feel the heat of video game fire, etc.

I think PBF puts it best: