Friday, December 21, 2007

Indy Star: A New Low

Not since the days of film reviewer Bonny Briton have I seen such ineptitude on display and in print.


My brief response on the Indy Star forum:

The ignorance on display in this editorial is appalling. I'm serious, this is scary stuff. I'm reminded of the cult of anti-intellectualism that destroyed the middle east's reputation as the center for science and progressive thought and replaced it with pernicious notions like "mathematics is the work of the devil" Just look at the Dark Ages and the sad state of the middle east today to see where such mistrust in science can lead.

It seems the science of biology is too confusing for laymen, otherwise there would be no argument, so consider this historical approach that testifies to the truth of Evolution. Before Darwin, most biologists were intelligent design proponents. The idea that a supernatural creator designed every individual organism was accepted in the scientific community as a wholesale fact. But after Darwin and his literally tireless accumulation of evidence for his theory of Evolution by means of Natural Selection, along with the modern discovery of genetics and other lines of evidence, nearly all biologists have accepted Evolution as an established fact.

That's a tremendous feat! Darwin and subsequent discoveries have "converted" an entire field once populated by creationists! Doesn't that suggest, at the very least, the persuasiveness of the evidence?


SuiginChou said...

I quit reading at "the electron microscope has disproven evolution."