Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

Too busy? I hope not. Let me know if the blog is becoming displeasingly cluttered. I've tried to keep the top half of my side bar simple, while relegating my newest widgets and such to the bottom half.

Which reminds me. If anyone can offer me help with an ornery issue, I'll gladly take it. See, I'd like to get the vertical length of my blog's gray sidebar to always equal the length of my posts. So far I've been unable to solve this blank white eyesore at the bottom of my page. Anyone know a bit of magic HTML to help this problem go away? Uncle Brian, I'm looking at you!


* Google integration

I know, you probably have a google search built right into your browser, but just in case you're feeling too lazy to scroll all the way to the top of the page, please take advantage of my google side bar (at least try it out - I've even customized it with a Depth Deception image!) I've also added Google ads to the bottom of my site.

* Feedburner Email Subscription

That's right! Now you can subscribe to my website by clicking the icon on the top right shoulder and receive email updates of all my latest blog posts!

* Entrecard Integration

This widget and free service helps drive blog traffic through a network of online e-business cards, or entrecards, which advertise your content. It's actually like an online metagame in which you rack up credits by "dropping" your card and 'selling' ad-space. You can then use those credits to 'pay' for advertising on other blogs.

* Technorati Integration

I actually don't know much about this service, but it has been recommended by a lot of bloggers. I think it works something like a replacement for browser bookmarks. So sign-up and make me a favorite!


Tracy Lightfoot said...

try setting the height of the sidebar to 100%. Might work depending on how the rest of the template is designed. You could also force the post container to a certain height, then match the sidebar to that. Of course, then the post container might not always contain the posts ...

Jay said...

Hmm, so far I haven't got anything to work, but I'll keep at it.


Jay said...

I found this solution, but I don't know how to implement it correctly:

Jay said...

Dang, my site is not behaving with IE. grrr