Wednesday, March 26, 2008

That'll Do, Pig

A couple of days ago, we dug up our old VHS of "BABE" and watched it together. Now I remember why we went to the theater 3 times to see this movie. Utterly charming, funny, moving and smart. The writing is excellent, the cinematography and direction superb, and even the performances are noteworthy.

Oh yes, the music is also stirring! If this movie has somehow escaped your attention, it is in your best interest to rectify this problem immediately. That's not exactly a threat, but . . . I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE!!!

The film's uplifting ending can be found on youtube, but to avoid spoiling its emotional impact, I thought I'd just include this review from Siskel and Ebert:


SuiginChou said...

I didn't know Babe and Gordy came out at the same time. I think I saw Gordy 1-2 years after Babe. Anyway ...

Babe's a really good movie, but the sequel is pretty awful. Farmer Hoggett was an interesting character, but his fat piggy wife not only disturbed me as a child but it was even grosser to see a fat piggy man hit on her in the big city (in the sequel). Second director had a fat fetish, perhaps?

Wow, two paragraphs and I'm still not talking about Babe! Well let's rectify that! I saw the movie with my daycare (so it must have been a pre-mid-August 1996 release), and I remember how much we all loved it. I've seen it 2-3 additional times over the years since, at different ages, and loved it every time. I probably last saw it all the way through 5+ years ago, but I recall seeing parts of it only a couple of years back, so ... I would say the movie has not faded from the public consciousness and remains a well-loved children's film. Don't you worry, Jay!

Daniel said...

Watch "Babe: Pig in the City," I hear that it's shockingly dark.