Saturday, March 1, 2008

So, As You May Have Noticed...

I've been pretty into as of late. I've added a digg popular stories widget on the lower right hand side of my blog. I've also added digg buttons to every entry.

According to Google Analytics, I've managed to just about double my readership! (which actually isn't that impressive...)

Interested in adding digg functionality to your blog? I found this site very helpful.

I'm considering some changes to the blog's appearance. I love how the entries pop out of the space background, but I don't like how the image repeats. Any suggestions on a new, equally stunning background?

I'm also not all that happy with my header. "Objects in blog may be closer than they appear" sounds like it's trying to be profound --but isn't. The bending line optical illusion also needs changing. I like it, but it's not a very good representation of depth deception. Suggestions? Anyone?

What do you think of the new header? I like it!


SuiginChou said...

I think your right eye (the one on the picture's left) looks like some sort of evil eye with a white iris (because of how the lines are drawn). And I don't think you need to look so grumpy on your weblog. :( You're not a grumpy guy!

You know who I think has really amazing taste in weblog banners? Ben. Every time I go to his weblog, I'm wowed by how professional it looks. It's like he not only has the eye for the perfect photos, but for the perfect photos that would go on a weblog or website. Like he could waltz into any corporate design office and take the director's chair in under 30 minutes.