Friday, March 7, 2008

None the Wiser

Well, I had a good 3 or 4 months of freedom from debilitating pain in my mouth. It seems I'm due for a good bit of earthly suffering. Damn it.

Next Tuesday, I'll be having my deeply impacted wisdom teeth removed, an action spurred on by a terrible pain in my leftmost gums. I'm not sure if the tooth is infected or simply on the move, but now all my wisdom teeth must go!

I am just about terrified. Surgery scares me. Worst of all, I CAN'T SWALLOW PILLS. I've tried and tried, even recently, but it can't be done. How will I cope with the pain?

Next week is going to SUCK.


Lauren said...

The inability to swallow pills definitely won't help...but if it's any consolation, my experience with the surgery wasn't bad at all. I was up and going to a concert the next day. My brother was playing Counter Strike as soon as he got home.

I'll wish you the best of luck! Hopefully it'll be a breeze for you too!

Mike said...

I had my wisdom teeth pulled by a Navy dentist, and it was pretty easy. I went back to work after some of it.

In fact, I recall getting all worked up for an ordeal while the doc was getting a tooth "ready", and being informed I was all done and the tooth was out.

I find pills much easier to swallow, if you chew up a cookie, then pop the pill in with it, and swallow the lot. I recommend Vicodin if you don't need to drive or work ;-)

Don't sweat it, worrying is the hard part.

que rediculo! said...

looking forward to your posts next week!

Tracy Lightfoot said...

Jay, just ask them for a painkiller available as a liquid. There's quite a few of them, so no worries. Tell them the same thing for your antibiotic that they'll probably also prescribe.

You know, I have a back molar that sits kinda sideways like that. They decided to leave it be unless it started causing trouble.

SuiginChou said...

I think I may have said this before, but I recommend practicing with very melted ice cubes in a glass of water. I think we've all had the accidental experience of swallowing an "ice chip" at a restaurant or a melted ice cube shaped like a lozenge with our drinks at home; but the object here is to intentionally recreate those moments. This is how I learned to swallow pills (and overcome my fear of them) in the 8th grade. Which was late enough to be given a lot of grief from my RN mother. ^_^;

Jay said...

Thanks guys! After all the horror stories I've been reading, it's nice to hear some encouraging ones. To tell the truth, I'm in so much pain right now, I'm looking forward to the surgery.