Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Amazing Intelligence of Crows

Holy Sh*t!    I had no idea.   Mind = blown.


SuiginChou said...

David Attenborough's section on the crows in Tokyo I'd seen before, but the rest of this was new for me, and I gotta say ...

I loved this speaker! He was calm, collected, witty, entertaining, and normal yet brilliant. He wasn't a socially-inept science nerd nor was he a socially-inept artist, the two bipolar ends of the spectrum TED seems to grapple with. He fell somewhere in the "Mac book generation" of scientists and was just friggin' awesome. Like the best friend, big brother, or cousin you wish you had and who also happens to be an animal researcher.

And I loved his idea about training crows via rewards to pick up litter. God knows we could easily train them to learn that "50 pounds of collected weight nets you a bag of peanuts" and they could just fly to and from the garbage facility dropping off garbage in their designated receptacle until they had dropped off the day's necessary load. Or something. Man oh man.

Genesis8 said...

I agree with Ryan. I thought that he was one of the best speakers I have seen on TED. Also, his a animal researcher and that scores many points with me.