Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Vote or Cry

I just got back from voting. Don't forget to vote! Indiana is an important primary state this year. I don't want to reveal my vote and influence anyone, so I'll just include these pictures of the presidential candidates.

Barack Obama

Hilary Clinton

John Bush --er, McCain


SuiginChou said...

Well, it's clear from the pictures that you voted for McCain, the Rainbow Candidate. :P I mean, check out that unsightly cold sore on Obama's upper lip!

I kid, I kid. ;p

There were people holding up "HONK FOR HILLARY" signs at the traffic light near Wabash Landing today. Nobody honked. Not one car as I drove at 30 mph along the road, through the intersection, and towards the bridge. I listened for it: not one.

Down the street in main Lafayette, I saw people holding up signs that read "HOPE." Recognizing this as an Obama slogan, I then a kid I knew from college, Spencer, holding up a sign and screaming at the top of his lungs (it looked like) trying to get people to honk. He saw me, made a honking motion with his hands, and I happily obliged. After all, this was Spencer, the nice guy from undergrad, right? "HOPE", right?

Hope for Hillary it turned out. >_< I felt dirty the entire rest of the way to lunch. Remembering it now still makes me feel dirty.

But I don't fancy Obama much, either, since all he is is a pleasant speaker; and I was also told at medical school that I would need to register as a party Democrat to vote in the primary; so I said "fuck that" because I spit on the Democratic party almost as much as I do the Republican one. (Okay, maybe not as much, but still a lot.)

Anyway, I hope you voted for Oba-the lesser of two evils-ma, even if it meant you had to sully yourself and register as a party member. :p You Dem you. ;p

Jay said...

"All he is is a pleasant speaker"? "Oba-the lesser of two evils-ma"? Maybe I need to do a little more research because these seem like inappropriately low estimations of the man.

que rediculo! said...

That is an awesome picture of McCain. He looks so ...happy.

SuiginChou said...

No surprises, but Indiana drops the ball yet again with its overly-white overly old-fashioned votership. At least that's what I'm going to blame the 2% victory on. Certainly not people like me who didn't vote as party Democrats and therefore have no right to bitch!

Oh well, it's all over now anyway. In a month, they'll decide who it's going to be, and a couple more after that, I'll be voting for President.

Daniel said...

Those strike me as two extremely accurate description of Obama. Maybe more research is a good idea...

Mike said...

Dan's a dirty hippie don't listen to him. He didn't even vote. No say for him.