Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sony PS3 Ads Get Raunchy

Sony has been known for producing some bizarre and disturbing advertisements for the PS3. Looks like they have another winner:

click for full ad

No, that's not a penis, silly goose! That's a thumb! Look closer (I dare you!) Actually, even though I generally loathe Sony ads, I really do think this one is a winner because EVERY game blog is talking about it. Free advertising? Sony wins!*

*Anyone have any clue why my paragraph spacing becomes single spaced after I put up a picture? I've tried a dozen ways to fix it, but nothing works and I can't find any html code that deals specifically with the problem. LAME!


SuiginChou said...

It looks so thin that even if I were to think it was a penis I'd end up feeling bad for the guy.

Also, this doesn't impress me much because it's a case of photo editing. Obviously the man's own two hands are already accounted for which is why we assume it couldn't possibly be one of his fingers. If there were detectable proof of a 2nd person underneath him, or if it had really been his own hand well-placed and well-hidden in that wonderful lighting, then I'd have given Sony kudos. But this is little different from a kid photoshopping a giant pool toy onto his groin and saying "ha ha look at my penus" (misspelling intended).

The Sony ad that has frightened me most and probably stuck with me most (i.e. not been forgotten like the other nine thousand I'm sure I've seen) is the baby-doll one for when the PS3 first launched. That was seriously fucked up.