Monday, May 5, 2008


I went with the family over the weekend to see Ironman. Aside from a sometimes grating soundtrack, which is otherwise unimpressive, this film is a fun ride and terrific start to this season's slew of summer flicks. As I understand it, this is the first film that Marvel has had a more active role in producing. If Ironman is any indication, Marvel comic book properties may finally be in better hands --their own.

The movie follows war profiteer and tech-wiz Tony Stark as his life is flipped upside down after being taken hostage somewhere in the middle east and escaping with a hastily designed bionic suit. A couple iterations later and he's effectively perfected the suit, assuming the role of a superhero, but retaining all his snarky cynicism.

Hang around after the credits for a special guest appearance. (Or you can cheat and just watch it now)

I award Ironman 4 pope hats, of a possible 5:


Mike said...

Best movie rating system ever!