Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ghostbusters Gameplay

The game I've been dreaming about since the year of my birth (1984, the same year Ghostbusters released) is finally coming together. Glad to see the developers are putting the hundreds of minutes of excellent, unused Elmer Bernstein score to good use.


SuiginChou said...

Obviously that was amazing (and groundbreaking for movie-inspired video games!), but I've got a few gripes I sure hope get fixed before the game goes gold. =\

1) once the proton pack is switched on and makes the whiny "schwing" noise, it ought to just stay put. That's the way it was in the movies. You didn't hear their packs go "schwing" every friggin' 10 seconds like you do in this game sneak peek.

2) c'mon, man! The NPCs should say more stuff when exploring and have NO EXCUSE to not talk when the player idles right in front of 'em! (like the awkward "silent Ray" scene we witnessed)

3) The slime tethers were cool, but that looked like it could get real annoying real fast. If they can't be deployed and attached that quickly, cut down the number required from 7 (which is what we saw) to maybe 3 or 4?

4) The game looked ridiculously hard and I'm convinced the only reason Player 1 didn't die was because this is a game developer video with cheat codes enabled and stuff. The scene that comes to mind is when, on the roof of the building, the 5th ghostbuster got hammered by like 5 dogs that he failed to kill out of the like 30 that charged him at once.

Am I done bitching? You bet. Cool stuff below!

1. I loved the various homages, from the ghouls to the Ghostbusters' accurate face designs to the "let's trash this place up!" attitude with regards to room interiors.

2. Catching the ghosts looks pretty fun, and it's nice to see the NPC AI is not only intelligent but helpful. At one point I even thought, "Man, let me do some of the work! :)" The Ghostbusters have always been a team and it's great to see that this isn't "Ghostbusters 3: Master Chief."

3. I like how you could toast the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man's face to your heart's content.

4. I also like how the boss battle's progression was intuitive for children ("aim for his hand to make him lose his grip").

5. Fantastic in-game graphics for a 3rd party title that is Hollywood-inspired. The last time a game looked this good and was movie-inspired was when the "The Matrix" video game came out Spring or Summer 2003.

Genesis8 said...

I want to play this game. When you get it Jay you have to invite me over.