Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More Than I Can Chew

I've FINALLY finished "The Last Easy Summer;" I'm ready to submit it to a few competitions and publications and then put it behind me.

I've bit the bullet and accepted the job at Kerasotes Theater. The pay is dismal, but the hours are flexible, so I'm hoping to continue my pet sitting business on the side. Curse For the Dogs for rejecting me again! Boo!

A new cartoon idea is bubbling in my brain. Hopefully I'll put some concept art together, write a pitch document and get back in touch with Disney Television Animation. The series is tentatively entitled, "Dr. Quark and the Quantum Kid."

I may be starting my own website with the help of my uncle that would serve as a news aggregator for video game related articles. Keep an eye out for gamenewslinx.com in the future.

I plan on writing a short horror screenplay tentatively entitled "The Devil in the Barn" about a man struggling against an impish monster on his farm.

Finally, Colin has enlisted me to write a short piano piece for an animation project he's working on. I've agreed to help as best I can.


Mike said...

I still think you should try doing a comic strip.