Thursday, May 1, 2008

A Tiny Taste of "The Last Easy Summer"

      A brief, summer storm had carried loose sand down the steep road and left it to dry and bake in a pothole. Joel ran his finger through the sand, flicking cat droppings as his older brother reclined on their lawn’s still-cool grass. An easy, eastern breeze tickled the children’s hair. Ethan squinted an eye and spoke from the side of his mouth.
      “I’ll jump it. I don’t care.”
      Joel stared at the sand and drew lines into a curse word.
      “Yeah, and what if the Perv gets ya?” He dashed the brazen word with a swipe.
      “More exciting than this.” Ethan switched his squinting eye and sat up.
      “ ’Sides, I can outrun that fat bastard easy.”

I'd post more, but I'm kind of paranoid about sharing too much.